About Urban Sherpa Travel

With over twenty years of reliable NYC bus trips Urban Sherpa dominates today’s winter adventure industry and remains New York City’s most popular three season adventure concierge. Join our experienced leaders and board one of our Urban Sherpa luxury motor coaches for a day’s adventure. Urban Sherpa leaders take their role seriously and will lead responsibly throughout the day. 

Urban Sherpa quickly established itself as the preeminent single day trip adventure operator out of New York City. Urban Sherpa specializes in single-day trips, a necessity for our urban professional, whose time is measured, by helping to make the introductory enthusiast more confident or assisting the expert prepare for his or her next big adventure. Your Urban Sherpa knows when, where, and how to get you there. Urban Sherpa will discover how to liven up your otherwise indoor lifestyle by reacquainting the outdoors and we aren’t just going to run down to the local park. It’s simple: Urban Sherpa has helped thrill seekers do just that, and we do it with an expected New York City flair no hype, no guff—.